Circular Forts 2
RR: 7.5
Icedude waves at the "camera" in his new arena, which has very little in common with his previous
Circular Forts
(or Circle Forts) map.  The forts are in fact spherical, more or less, joined by that fine steel walkway above a swimming pool.  A teleporter gets you from the pool into the fort above, and another one gets you from the bottom of the fort onto its roof, which is where we are.  The only weapon around is the hypershot; there is no health around either - except that that band of green flickering fire in the middle is in fact a "healpod"!  Corridors run either side of the main area, but they contain narrow bars it is easy to fall off, straight into "slurping" acid.
          So, as a map it holds potential, mainly I think for a small number of players.  It is certainly a big step up from the previous map, and shows that the 'Dude can put together an original, nicely thought- out arena.
       And Elven Nerfer has added this map to his his of convertions for Ace's CTF mod, version 1.0 - which should make for a good game, no doubt we will see when it gets added to server rotations!