Circular Forts (pointblast & ballblast) aka Circle Forts                                        
RR: 6.0 
Icedude has done some interesting maps, but this really is not one of them.  I have no problem with an all-hypershot map; the central circular room is okay, though why have at the very centre a healpod-shaped column of water to swim in, leading nowhere and doing nothing?  Outside this room are a variety of plain-yellow corridors, and if you follow them you either loop back to the central room, or end up outside red or blue rooms, the doors of which are elevators; stay on top of them too long and you get killed against the ceiling.  Each of these rooms has a hole in the floor, which you can get completely stuck in - in the ballblast version, this is where you deposit the pointballs.
          If you are killed by an opponent in one room, you never know if you are racing back there, or will end up in the other room, as the corridors have no clues.  The ballblast version just does not work properly yet.  All six regular balls spawned for me together in one part of the central room, not scattered around for a "scavenger hunt".  Playability here seems low; if you think it sounds interesting, I suggest waiting for an improved version, especially on the ballblast side. I hate to write such a negative review, especially as this is generally well made, and shows that the 'Dude is coming along nicely as a mapmaker, but I have to call them as I see them.  I am sure that his next map will be a lot more interesting!