Breakfast Remix                                                                                               
RR: 8.5
Well, if you've finished in the Bathroom, it must be time for Breakfast! Our not-so-grim Reaper has laid the table, so let us hop on over.  There is a toaster (with both the lever outside and a slice of toast acting as elevators!), and a Nerf-themed napkin (serviette?) - but oops, the Big Ones must now that us inch-high "Borrower" types are about, because they have left a mousetrap on the table!  And baited it with a megapower, the crafty devils!  But there are plenty of weapons about, and I can use knives and pencils and other stuff as ramps.  Even if I fall on the floor, I can swim back up a pipe to the top level, grab a shield, and try some tightrope-walking along to a chairback... And oh look, there is a shield in that fishtank, and down on the floor, in the pet's water bowl, that's a whomper! 
          If you downloaded this map before October 20th 2000, check (by highlighting the map icon in the map file) its date - if it is before October 14th (11:53), right-click and delete that map, and download an up-to-date replacement from Reaper's site, okay?
          Perhaps this arena is a little smaller than Bathroom, but it is if anything better put together, so just enjoy the fun of dashing about, and maybe having a few shots at some other players.  But - hey, that water bowl put down for a pet?  I hope nobody opens the door and lets the animal in, it would be twenty times my height!  A cat that could leap up to me on the table would be Big Trouble among a little chinaware...