RR: 8.5
Tiggy has adapted the Unreal Tournament arena Bloodyblocks for NAB; it isn't really a "remix" as it looks exactly the same!  I can vouch for that, as I have downloaded and played that particular UT arena, in the course of my research.  Like the NAB version, it requires you to put files into not just maps, not just maps and textures - but maps, textures and system!
          So, the main claim to fame of this arena is that you can blow the blocks apart, using rockets.  Sadly it is only a few blocks you can give this treatment to - but in UT the effect is truly spectacular, as the pieces fly everywhere, though don't cause you any harm.  The NAB system is not up to that, the blocks just disappear - but, cool effect.
          The UT rocket launcher is a sturdier piece of kit than the triple strike; the original mapmaker was rather more generous with it, the things are everywhere, it is hard to move from one area to the next without getting fully loaded up.  I think I prefer that approach, but it is a close call.  There is a whomper in the NAB version, but when you grab for it, you trigger a couple of incoming rounds of whomp, so move quickly!  Again, in UT a massive great chunk of malevolence called the redeemer is used, both to grab and to avoid its fire.  It's the first time I have knowingly encountered it in a UT map, and it is to the whomper as the whomper is to water pistol.  You fire that, and you'd better be over the far side of the map, and round at least two corners, when it hits its target!
          Tiggy has done a pretty good job in making this a map fit for NAB play; the giant "lego" style bricks make for some steep and narrow ramps and passages, and a good variety of weapons have been put in, to make for a fast and fluid game, something that would probably be fun for longer than the "quick fix" of the Unreal Tournament original.  Apart from weaponry, the map seems identical, with the strange "lego man" figure (source of the booby-trap blasts), one elevator, and the primary colours of the bricks.  Get a few players here, and it will rock!