RR: 7.5
From Mr Bobbo, a new and original map that looks rather good; a bit like Deck 16, but with carpets!  There are ramps between different levels, and two main areas, each with a swimming pool you can actually swim in without being eaten away by acid slurpee...and a short underwater tunnel joins the two pools, which is a nice touch and a useful asset in a game.
          So, no breathtaking views, no startlingly intricate design, no radical reworking of the whole concept of Nerf - just a good arena for a friendly game of shoot-em-up.  I think that is a pretty good idea!  I can't say that I have come across this map being run, which is a bit of a shame, as ones that are in no way superior have somehow become regulars.  But then, it is difficult to guess which maps will catch on.  But try this one for yourself, and if you run a server, do not forget it...