RR: 6.5
Galen's first map is, well, a good first map, showing that he is in command of all the elements of making an arena, and indeed of the elements needed to make a good, fun arena.  This particular battlefield has two ends, with rubble to hide behind, and the weapons (except the three most powerful ones, TS, HS and whomper, which wouldn't be appropriate here) divided between the two ends.  Each end has a shield, though to get it you risk sniper fire; in the middle is a deadly-deep trench with a single beam to span it, on which are a pair of megapowers and a doubler.
          So, full command of the elements; unfortunately, it is such a small arena, say 15' wide by 50' deep, that it all seems rather cramped.  It will probably work well for two people, but there is hardly room for more!  As there are no ammo packs, two players is probably as many as you would want here.