][Braveheart Remix][
RR: 8.0
The dynamic Duo strikes again, in another map rather similar to Civil War Remix.  For a change, the two opposing forts, the twin, dark forts, are not identical, and we also have the "Stonehenge" style stone ring in-between...while Black Dragon assures me that it is possible to get onto the rocks that surround the playing field, to do some hypershot sniping.  A matter of being rather quick-moving with a megajump, I suspect!
          The arena looks good, as you can see; the two forts are a useful distance apart without being so far apart that the whole thing is a bit of a chore to move through, and the henge and the sniping positions, plus elevators and stuff in the forts, makes this a cool place to hang out in...
          Now, this array of reviews is in alphabetical order, as defined by my drop-down "to make a server" list, and while some types of punctuation go before "A", so that we start with a "-", we apparently wait until after "Z" to get to "]" - so here we are, right at the end of our journey.  At the time of writing this  (23rd February, 2001), we have over 200 maps covered, though that includes multiple versions of the same basic map, and also some unfinished or abandoned maps that we managed to get ahold of, usually from the creator.  How many will we have by later this year?  We shall see!   As ever, there are some fine maps on the horizon, so keep watching our updates for the latest news, okay?