Windy Remix                                                                                                         
RR: 8.5
A new remix from Reaper, of a popular Unreal level...and a rather gorgeous scene it is, with a suitably otherworldly sky and two towers, or a tower and a small castle, set down in the usual rocky, barren worldscape.  This looks like a map that would work fine with just two people, though half-a-dozen could play just as well.  There are elevators, and an underwater tunnel to swim through, and all our usual pick-ups, plus a "cable-car" type arrangement going from the top of the tower to the top of the castle, which is quite a ride!  And it gets you to the megapower.  The mainly open plan is good, though it leaves people a bit exposed to sniping from the towers; you don't wander round corridors not knowing where everyone is, which can be a drawback with some maps.  "I know there are four other people playing, or maybe they have all forgotten to respawn and gone off for lunch..."
          So, a fine-looking remix of an excellent map, and many thanks to Reaper for bringing it to the world(s) of Nerf.  This is one of the best-looking arenas around, and a lot of people seem to share my opinion, because I often seem to find myself playing here, and have had some good games.