BathRoom Remix                                                                                             
RR: 7.5
This is a remix by Iron Wolf (or Reaper, his new name), with a little bit of help from his friend Lucky,and it all takes place in a bathroom.  Great idea, eh?  Instead of having to leave your computer when a call of nature calls, you just switch to this arena, stand up, and... well, maybe not...
          In this particular bathroom you are about an inch tall, which makes for a really different kind of game.  Luckily, some of the power sockets are teleporters, allowing you to get on top of the medicine cabinet, and there is a handy toothbrush to use as a ramp.  The bath is full, so dive in and swim down for a megapower and one of the three whompers; the toilet paper roll acts as an elevator if you jump on it correctly; the dark pad at the tap end (fawcet end?) acts as an elevator too, and is also the lid to the bath's dark and watery overflow.  There are ways to get around, unless you fall through the grille in the floor, but the falls can be deadly, and, for your size, the place is pretty large.  "Adminlogin" cheating can make a different kind of game, if everyone can fly - this is an ideal arena for that sort of thing!  And the actual bathroom is eerily realistic.
And after this, Iron Wolf is moving on to the Kitchen for an even more complex slice of domestic bliss - are you ready for Breakfast?