RR: unf
As Icedude hasn't finished this map yet, the best thing I can do is quote from the e-mail he sent me:
  "I've almost finished a pointblast sequel to AR-Waterpark.  Just a few more changes and it'll be finished!  There are currently 3 rooms, the bowl slide room (the one with the cone thing in), the Vert slide room (the one with the biggest pool), and the obstacle course room (with the big thing floating in the pool, also currently the room you start in).  I'm planning to add a few more rooms, but I don't know what kind yet."
  My screenshot shows the Obstacle Course room, which ought to be fun.  At the moment, my only criticisms are that too much of the place is slippy-slidy zero friction - not just the slide, or even that and the obstacle course, but a lot of the walkways too!  And that the slide has a kind of "lip" at the bottom that you hit hard, losing health.   Still, it ought to be a good place to have fun in, when it's done!