Warehouse Remix                                                                                   
RR: 5.0
Well, Tmon'n'Tux have got some nice stone and brick textures here - some never seen before, which is why you find you have an extra file when you unzip, PM-misc.utx, which has to be put in your textures file (c:program files\Atari\Nerf\Textures) in the same way that the main file goes into the maps one.  (This PM-misc.utx file has since been used by some other maps, but you only need to add it to the file once!)
          This map has a recommended maximum of four players, which seems high - it is only one room, plus a small area up some steps.  A rather small warehouse, with a few crates of various sizes scattered about; leap from one to the next to get some of the weapons, or the megapower.  If you only "collect" a selection of new maps, this is one you can do without...that extra file is no great drawback as you will need it anyway sooner or later, but as a playing area, the dockside warehouse in Frigate is probably better, and that is just a small corner of that arena!  But if you like to catch 'em all, then any new arena is fun to explore - and this one is no exception.
          There is another area to this map, but as far as I can see you can only gain access to it by "adminlogin", and there are no weapons or other goodies there, so that is a bit of a mystery.  Probably it is just there to be seen from a distance - but let me know if you discover a legitimate way to get there!