RR: 6.5
And I thought we had done all the Star Trek jokes.  But a nice arena here by Captain Mellow, with its own special points - just remember to move the .uax file to your Nerf Sounds folder, or the thing won't work!  While some new maps re-use the available sounds that come with the game, Vulcanizer is the first map to add its own words.  The vocabulary may not be much larger than your average Pokemon, but it shows initiative!  The heart of this arena is a circular area not unlike an icerink.  Dash over it to get to a different area, or take an elevator up to the rather basic upper level where the hyperstrike and triple shot live, or just to snatch up the scattershot - but if another player is by one of the special buttons, and presses it, the floor vanishes from under your feet, and you are
!  And yes, you do lose the points, 1000 if you were in the lead, 750 if you were second, 500 if you were third, otherwise know how it works.  Otherwise, rush round the outer circular corridor for the sidewinder, nerf cannon, and other delights, and blast away at the opposition.  There is even health, but sadly it tends not to re-spawn, so even the best players soon get blown away, having tired of hearing the warning bleeping when the health level reaches 25 or less.  A nice level, a different level, but one to play for ten minutes rather than for twenty, given the choice.