RR: 7.0
A rather small file for quite a large map from Sharpknux; I suppose having large areas with the same pre-generated texture saves on file size.  What we have here is - but you are ahead of me, yes?  A volcano.  Run up to the top and, after grabbing the shield, the megapower, and assorted weaponry, stare into the lava just inches away.  But don't fall in!  Then hurry down the side again, but without jumping as you could lose a few health points that way, and on one side you will find a way in at ground level.  Inside is a vast pool of lava that you can actually swim in; indeed, dive far enough and you can find a small cave with a triple strike in it.  Various other weapons are strewn on the ground, or on the side.
          So, it all looks quite playable, though I wouldn't advise it for team games as you are always in silhouette, just a solid black shape.  Sharpknux seldom is particularly bothered about subtle lighting effects.  Not a terrific map, but a nice idea, quite well done, and it all adds to the variety.