Urban Uprising Remix
RR: 8.5
Darth Animal has produced this companion map to the popular Urban Terror Remix - so make sure you have got that map first, as this one uses the same large texture file, Plutonic Urban!  The Unreal Tournament original that Darth has remixed is a "Capture the Flag" map, but that really doesn't matter, it works fine for deathmatch/pointblast too.  There are parts of this map that are similar to the other one, but it is an all-new map with lots of new stuff to do.  You don't have a proper waterway system, unfortunately, but you do have reachable roof levels, ladders to climb again, glass you can shoot out, and plenty to explore.
  And - well, the screenshot doesn't really do the place justice.  There looks to be plenty of good, intricate work here; Justin kindly added textures to the elevator, and Flame helped play-test it, and has also added a little something that apparently may be useful in the future.  Darth seems to have taken plenty of trouble to get weapon and ammo placement right, plus suitable ambient sounds.  The place is truly atmospheric, and the equal of its companion map, so it's great to see a faithful NAB version