Up   (MessedUp)                                                                                                                
RR: 7.5
Hidden away in Mr.BoBBo's second map pack (along with One2One), we have a rather fun, if "messy", arena.  The reason that it is "messed up" is that somehow pieces of entirely different styles of arena have been put together, so you dash straight from a Sequoia-style bit to the primary nerfish Amateur Arena colours, or grey stonework, or something out of Orbital Arena, and so on.  This doesn't hurt the playability, of course,. and a nice original idea like this is always an asset.
          I hate "map packs", they never do the contents any favours.  I just don't see the point of hiding maps away so that you don't know what titles are in there until you take a chance on downloading the whole thing.  (Although you can now download this map on its own...)  That said, this is a cute map based on a clever idea - but it might have seemed more striking if it had been noticed when originally issued, instead of being hidden away for a while... And, talking of being hidden away, this map appears on my drop-down list of maps as "Up"...