Twin Forts
RR: 8.0
Black Dragon (Black Ninja) is the man behind this good-looking map; to play it, you do need to have the textures file CTF, which is no problem if you also run Unreal Tournament, as it is a UT file!  This is not a particularly vast map, there is nothing tangible outside the stone walls that surround these two forts, and the small battlefield that separates them, but it is certainly nicely textured - atmospheric!
          And, facing each fort is a siege engine, or large catapult.  While they do not actually work, in going through the motions that the one in Mazon Remix does, they do have concealed bouncers in the correct place, so, jump on that, and up you go - pretty far, actually, as this map is pre-set for very low gravity!  Aim yourself at the enemy fort, or the victims of your choice, and drop down on them, firing as quickly as you can!
          So, a fun place to visit, even with the Sequoia totem poles stuck incongruously in the middle - not the first map by this particular maker to have them, I seem to remember!