Tweety's Hallways To Heaven                                                    
RR: 7.5
This is a big map, lovingly crafted by Tweety; not a "remix" of an Unreal Tournament arena, so it means that a lot of work has been done over the past few weeks by Tweety; a lot of time spent while the rest of us were happily running around blasting each other.  In many ways this arena is like a new Sequoia Speedblast one, with long corridors (some looking twice as long, as they end at mirrors!), many different rooms, special effects and weapons.  I like one of the pools - not clear water, but a "bubble bath" effect!  There seems to be an "Arabian Nights" influence here, and, all in all, I expect we will all be spending a lot of time here in the weeks to come, admiring the topiary in the garden, the male and female statues, the keen architectural features, the cool texturing, the cunning weapon placement...oh yes, and running around shooting at one another, too!
          I used to like old Tweety, though it is some months since he made himself visible.  Mind you, anyone who wanders into the apparently endless corridors of this arena without a clear plan of the place is likely to vanish for quite a while, which is really the only flaw here.  Clever though to have the stylized "oasis" in the screenshot, it does come as a blessed relief sometimes!