TT-Original   (Target Tag Original)                                                                                   
RR: 9.5
A new kind of map, by SLAM.  I thought long and hard before giving it the highest "RR" yet, but even without the team game elements, for design and size and ease of play it would be at least 8.0 or 8.5.  It re-uses some parts of SLAM's previous map, The Next Level, and follows its example with beautiful stonework texturing, plus rusty metal tones, and a high level of realism.  Remixing this map for Unreal Tournament might make an interesting project; it ought to stand out there, too.
          SLAM borrowed the "Target Tag" idea from the new budget title Laser Arena.  It only works for teams, or at least two players working together.  There are identical rooms at both the "red" and "blue" ends of the map.  Pressing the button (behind the shield) briefly opens a panel on the wall opposite, revealing five 1000-point targets... only briefly, mind!   But when I say "the wall opposite", it is actually in the other room at the far end, so two people (at least) have to work together, and of course the other people must try to stop them.  So the defenders need to stop their room's button from being pushed, while staying alert for when the tag-target is open, and the attackers need to storm the enemy base and press that button, and keep pressing it until their side has had enough time to hit all five targets...
          The main hall in the middle is huge, and a great place to play anyway, plus there are double corridors to each team "base", and also steep stairs down to another useful room with a selection of good pick-ups.  Get six or more people playing a team game here, and you are likely to have more fun than is usually thought to be legal.  Thanks, SLAM - you've done it again!