Tsunami Mountain                                                                                 
RR: 7.5
The name has cropped up on server lists for a while, but SLAM's finished, with-weapons version has finally made its debut, rather late on Sunday 20th August, 2000.  A comparatively massive 1.31mb download, the usual cut & paste, and we are soon in a ski lounge at the foot of the slopes.  The bar has a mirror behind it, but serves only the 50-point kind of refreshment; there are low tables, a roaring fire, and in one corner a red teleporter that takes you right to the top of the mountain, where a generous supply of megaspeed boots are provided.
          Does "Supreme Snowboarding" or "Board Stupid" have a "shoot-em-up" variant?  Well, now NAB has this for snowboarding, and it does work; you slide rather than walk once you've left the lounge.  The physics probably aren't as complex; you can slide uphill, so maybe SLAM, author of this slice of ice, has fitted little outboard motors to our boards.  He doesn't envisage us fighting on the slopes or in the lounge, and has only added a pair of triple strikes (a weapon he doesn't rate highly), in two trenches (over by the trees), where fighting is the name of the game, plus tubes through which ballzooka fire can be sent, and, it seems, a place where a whomper comes in handy.
          There are tubes to 'board through, and megaspeeds and megajumps to keep things moving; there are pits you cannot get out of, short of [tab] suicide [enter], and traps that can kill you.  I think this map will probably get more fun as one plays it more, but it certainly has great potential for fun, just from my first walk-through (slide-through?). 
          Looking back on it, SLAM doesn't rate this relatively early map of his very highly - he thinks it could have been a lot better.  Well, he should know, I suppose, but this is still a map that is used and enjoyed, and quite frankly, there is nothing else like it in NAB.  A different kind of arena, one to explore and enjoy - well done, SLAM!