True Run (beta)                                                                                                    
RR: 8.5
There is nothing wrong with a map having a gimmick, particularly if it is a good gimmick, and that the map works okay - and Tracer has done something that makes his map stand out from all the rest (so far), in that it comes with two players to fight you!  Yes, Sam and Frazier spring to life and start shooting, which is great, if you fancy a little Bot action you don't have to delve into Advanced Options, just choose this map and away you go.  For some reason they are both credited on-screen as "Player", and their faces and scores do not appear down the left side of the screen (if you use that set-up), so that you may need to hit [F1] to keep track of their progress.  Even in a Twisters versus Tycoons Team Game they still appear as a Rockhead and an Orbiteer, too!
          There are corridors and a staircase, inventive use of wild textures, a points target, a mirror, a pit-trap that sometimes catches Frazier, plenty of weapons, so this is a pretty decent (if fairly small) map already.  Add the two Bots, and you have a really useful addition to your ever-growing portfolio.