Triple Strike Stadium
RR: 8.0
Well, Curtsquirt has come up with an interesting arena here.  Despite the name, it does not feature the triple strike particularly heavily - but as you can see from the screenshot, it is a proper stadium, with a large and noisy crowd come to watch us at play.
          The movers are untextured (apparently a tutorial by Wolf is what you need to overcome that little problem...), which is always useful for players, as it shows us what bits do actually move!  As well as sliding floor-pieces to get us from either side of the central area to the middle, the outer corridor has four moving wall-pieces, vaguely reminiscent of the ceilings in Crusher - though these just push you back down the linking passages to the central area when you touch them.  The trick is to touch them at the very end, so that you can slip to the side as they push outwards, because behind them are hidden rooms with useful things like a megapower, one of our magic trainers, a shield, or a doubler.  Why, a couple of them even have a pair of 250-point lozenges floating there for you to grab!
          For complexity this isn't exactly Championship Arena, which means that the layout is simple, and lines-of-sight are pretty good.  Considering that the textures are simple too, and the sky is "painted" rather than a proper moving-cloud skybox, this is obviously not the work of one of our veteran map-makers, but it is fresh, and it has got original ideas.  Playing here looks as if it should be fun - and this makes me look forward to Curt's next maps.