RR: 7.0
An original Nerf map by Iron Wolf himself (before he changed his name to Reaper), this originally was little more than a box-shaped room with two trenches, plus weapons.  I've kept that version by renaming it TrenchBoxOLD, but I doubt if I could find many people to play against, as it was only a day or two later that Iron Wolf released an updated version, with a backroom behind each trench, and a water-filled passage beneath the floor, running from one trench to the other, with a whomper at the halfway point.  This (and other touches) makes this a much more interesting proposition, and in fact Our Man with the NerfEd is promising to work on four more rooms, teleporters, kicker pads, and a second and possibly a third floor.  I just hope he changes the name at least slightly, to make it easy for this version to be played still, because it would be a shame to lose it.