RR: 7.0
Lucky's first original arena - and not to be confused with TrenchBox!  This is in fact a similar basic idea to Iron Wolf's (Reaper's) own original effort, designed for a team versus team battle, with each side having its own trench, well stocked with weapons and ammunition.  Of course it is not as simple as that, with the "No Man's Land" in the middle turned into a maze with lots of cover, and ramps up to a higher level to give another firing ground.  The words "all-out" and "frag-fest" come to mind, though it all depends on how many people you have managed to get together.  After converting so many fine UT maps for NAB, it is hardly surprising that the art of making a keen arena has rubbed off on Lucky.
   One important note; Lucky says that, if you start a server with this map, you should make sure your options are set to "Weapon Stay", okay?
   A version for Ace CTF mod (v 1.0) has been made by g-mo, which sounds like a nice idea...