TimeRift Remix                                                                                             
RR: 8.0
Professor FeEdiKo's timetravel experiments were always going to be risky, which was why the tower was built on a small, rocky asteroid, well away from the main spacelanes.  The experiments started out okay, but on day 13, something went badly wrong, and a strange field formed around the station.  Time and space began to rush around the asteroid; strange weapons materialised in the area, and the research staff started to fight... and continued to fight!  Due to the unstable timefield, people who were "killed" merely re-emerged from the timewarp, and even people who fell away from the asteroid itself, despite being "reduced to quantum particles by the timefield", as the master computer termed the process, returned to life!
          We can get you into the TimeRift, but we can't promise to get you out again.  I think we can promise you a show you won't forget, but beyond that - well, the best of luck to you!