The Void                                                                                                                  
RR: 6.5
Sharpknux does get some pretty strange ideas sometimes - and, for a mapmaker, that is good!  Still, the idea of spawning by a whomper surrounded by nothingness, except for four distant islands...where did he get that from?  It is a long slog to each island, each of which has a square nerf-blue floor with six thick nerf-yellow columns; once there you find either all the pick-ups (doubler, megapower, shield...), all the ammo, four of the weapons (ballzooka, scattershot, mighty mo nerfcannon, sidewinder), or the other four weapons.  Since there are no landmarks, you can't really tell which set of stuff you will find until you get there.  The rest of the arena is void and without form, except that it seems to have a pale-grey floor slightly below the island level.  It can't really be foggy, or else we would never see the islands, but the weapons you carry lose their colour.
          I think we really need to play here a bit to decide whether it is any good, but it may just be a bit too big to be easy to get around in.  Interestingly, Sharp's more recent map, Kami's Lookout, has an area in it which is rather reminiscent of this place!