The Very End of You                                                                                
RR: 7.5
Assasinator warns that this may crash you out of the game if you play it in Single Player mode, giving you the "General Protection Fault" message.  It seemed perfectly stable in Multiplayer, though.  This is based on a popular Quake III level, which Assasinator (I quite like it when people shorten my name from Custer to "Cus", I wonder how he feels about such time-saving?) built from scratch for us using NerfEd,  with suitably upbeat lighting.
          We are in deep space, and I am glad to see Jupiter visible in the background; I always feel deprived if such a level isn't set close to that looming planet!  There are two main metal islands, with between them the wildfire, scattershot, pulsator and triple strike.  There are various bounce-pads, and a very useful cube from which someone with sniping ambitions can pick off his opponents at his leisure...unless somebody else hits a nearby target, in which case he gets squished!  A smaller metal raft moves between the two main areas at very high speed - jump in the air at the wrong moment, and you tend to find yourself floating to your doom!
          I tend to prefer maps where I don't end up floating to my doom, but if you are a fan of The Longest Yard, SpaceNoxx, Injector, and Asteroid Bonus, then this arena is going to make you very happy.  Why, choose the right bounce pad and you can probably even get to the megapower!