The Office                                                                                                        
RR: 8.5
How was The Office today, Dear?  It's kind of you to ask.  Assasinator seems to have been inspired by The Matrix and Perfect Dark to produce a rather splendid arena here, with many levels, rooms, and weapons, based in a nicely convincing office block.  It may not have an outside (but then,
Philistine Temple
didn't have an inside...), but there are toilets, computer office space, a boardroom, a nice large downstairs area, elevators, front stairs, and even a fire escape!  Most doors are pretty obvious, and open when you get close to them; explore enough and you should find every weapon bar the hypershot, which our mapmaker doesn't seem to like to use, plus a shield.  The washbasins may be a little strange, but there are mirrors, and stalls, and a place that I like to think is the mailroom.
          So, I think this is the best of the big A's initial three-map offering, all available from his site.  Blast away in the Matrix-inspired main hall, or go exploring for the more useful weapons, and the (slightly) hidden ways up and down.  It looks as if this could well join the rather select list of new arenas that get played a lot!
        Elven Nerfer has added a CTF version, using Ace's CTF mod, 1.0, which seems like a good idea to me!