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The Next Level                                                                                             
RR: 8.5
SLAM has obviously put a lot of work into this arena, and the end result is well worth it.  An original NAB arena that looks as if it belongs in Quake III or Unreal Tournament is an interesting concept, and that is what we have here, with plenty of room in various courtyards, plenty of corridors, a megapower surrounded by lava, a triple strike you need a megajump to reach, and all sorts of fun!
          The wildfire is by your side when you spawn, and there are quite a few of them around, all set to "weapons stay" so that you can't pick them up until you are out of ammo, but most of the other weapons are around too, if you look hard enough.  The setting is - well, more a fortress/palace than a castle, but it looks good, with stone work and other special textures.  Look out of some windows and see not just sea, but a couple of distant islands, for a nice touch - though I am not entirely convinced that the view is quite correct, as the fortress wall to the left ought to be in view through one window, surely...?
          But it is a lovely level.  If you have any problem downloading it, then it may be worth trying - and that address, with the map name changed appropriately, should work for most maps.  You also need the "Quake 3" textures file, but if you have got and played Nali Temple Remix, you have it already!  If not, well get it, or download the textures from another part of SLAM's downloads section.  Well worth the effort!
          This map may be slightly undervalued because SLAM re-used some areas of it in the first "Target Tag" arena, but there is still a lot that does remain unique to this particular map, and it all makes a beautiful and very playable arena.
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