The Hall                                                                                                              
RR: 7.5
Originally the second map in Mr.BoBBo's 3-map package, this is another Sequoia-themed arena, which, like Treetops, looks splendidly playable, with different levels, corridors, ramps, and all the
trimmings, including a new Nerf weapon, the "Ballblast", which appears to be what you get when you combine the "Mighty Mo" nerfcannon with the sidewinder.  Looks like a redecorated nerfcannon - sadly, when you pick it up it tends to become just a sidewinder, but full marks for innovation.  I could have wished for open blue sky overhead, and many of the ramps have length and width but no apparent depth, which is not exactly realistic, but this is certainly a nice place for a fun fight.