The Chase                                                                                                        
RR: 8.0
Ah, the thrill of The Chase, a first map from Techno!  And a clever concoction it is, with steep stairs, various levels with all the weapons available plus the usual pick-up items.  Ramps etc mean you can get to a central high point, where the megapower and whomper live, making this map ideal for "king of the hill" ("king of the castle") games.
          Textures are generally fairly familiar, but used well, and really for a first map this is very impressive, and extremely playable.  As seems traditional, the title of the map has nothing much to do with the actual arena, but it is catchy - find it in your drop-down server list under  "T" of course.  So, a good start.  I suppose if one compares it with the similar-to-play Laser Remix there is not much to choose between them; those corridors with windows and main spiral staircase for the older (by a day or two!) map, some of the walkway arrangements, the wider range of textures, and the fact that it is an original map for this one.  Luckily, there is no problem, we can play and enjoy them both!