The Alamo & version 1.1                                                               
RR: 6.0 & 8.0
Reaper has gone to a lot of trouble here, but I am not sure that the idea works as well as most of his recent arenas.  It is like having only one side of the Forts of Independence, albeit with more detail, and the type of "grass" effect he has used in the first version is blurry, and gives the impression that you are running along with your point of view rather too close to grass level.  And that isn't just me, another early visitor to the arena gave it as the reason he didn't like the place.
          There has been a big, deadly battle here.  When we arrive, it is over, has been over for weeks; the bodies of the dead heroes have been taken away and buried, the blood has gone, the grass obscures much, but the holes battered in the walls, the doors torn down by the attackers, the abandoned chapel...they tell their own sad, mute story.  This was a place out of legend, a place of inspiration...a place where a deadly showdown ended in a defeat that became the birth of something greater.  Come here, and look at what still remains, but tread softly...
          Maybe I am over-sensitive, but it gave me goosebumps, and I was not sure at first that I wanted to run around, merrily shooting triple strikes at other players, here.  But I got over it, and, well, it does look as if it has been designed to play well, and those doors that haven't been torn off their hinges work splendidly.  Not my favourite Reaper map, but not a bad one, and Reaper sets himself high standards.
          The revised version puts the grass right, which is a big relief, and adds some extra bits and pieces, for an altogether better place to visit.  So, it is a useful improvement, making this a pretty good map, if still a trifle grim!