Temple  (Philistine Temple)                                                                                              
RR: 8.5
From Acemaster2000, a rather playable arena which comes up on server lists as just Temple.  It ought, I think, to play rather like Skyscraper Arena, which can't be bad...
          Actually, it doesn't look much like a Temple to me; it looks more like a 1970 office block, except for the three jets of flame, which, unlike the Sequoia variety, are not bad for your health if you stand in them, though as they can come between you and your weapon, or pictures, or health-score, the effect is a little strange!  The office block has no interior, just external ramps, walkways, and staircases; the shield, megapower and doubler are here, and generous amounts of health, but only five weapons: scattershot, pulsator, triple strike, hypershot, and whomper.
          You might say that many concrete-clad multi-storey office blocks were designed and built by Philistines, so I guess we can allow the title; and I think this ought to be a nicely-playing arena, so get it, and try it, okay?