Tempest Remix                                                                      
RR: 7.5
Black Dragon and J3Sus worked together on this remix of a nice spacious UT map, and it seems like a pretty good place to explore and play.  I found myself playing the Unreal Tournament version yesterday, and it works very well for that style of combat.  Our remixers have done a pretty good job on weapons placement and the other pickups, I found everything except the doubler and the sidewinder, and it was all logically placed.  The texturing was not of the same quality as in the original; pretty standard  (if appropriate) nerf textures seem to have been used, and it is a shame to loook out of the small windows and see, not a New York at night skyline, but more of the same wall texturing.  But how much time do we have to look out of windows at the pretty views?
          So, a smooth UT fragging experience has been translated to NAB, so why not gather together a few mercenaries, psychopaths and kill-crazy aliens, and head on over to a rather useful arena and see who can get to the whomper first?