TechComb 2                                                                                                    
RR: 7.5
SLAM has come up with a sequel to his original map - with no lag-inducing fog, and no tiny pond to try to dive into.  After the events that we have played out in TechComb, the alien invaders and their
nological HoneyComb are in trouble - yes, the Terrans of the Planetary Defence Nerf Force have struck back.  Unfortunately, the chunk of Earth that they had abducted has been obliterated, but luckily some of us are still alive on the TechComb itself, which is almost out of power, low-level lights flashing, gravity almost out, so that weapons float in mid-air and have to be jumped for.  A plucky PDNF shuttle is engaging the alien craft, and has locked a tractor beam on it.  Can we blow away our alien player-opponents, escape to the shuttle - and generally have a blast?  You betcha we can!
          The main trick seems to be to leave TechComb from above, leap off so that you land in the tractor beam, and float along it until you are close to the shuttle's hatch.  Once inside, there is another convenient weapons cache to choose from, shields, weapon turrets, an engine room - all great stuff!  Check out our BACKGROUND page for SLAM's "readme" on this. 
          So, through the power of SLAM's imagination, plus our willing input as players on two teams here, we have another ground-breaking arena, an improvement over the first "episode", and a great place to have a battle!  It looks very much as if NAB's Main Man has done it again...