RR: 6.5
A new creation from SLAM; see our "Archives I" page for his own personal introduction to it.  You have got to hand it to him, he doesn't just create the same old type of map; he takes the Nerf package, and makes it into something fresh, precious, and previously undreamed-of.  Tsunami Mountain was a snowboarding game - and now, SLAM brings us the NAB equivalent of Half-Life!  The only shortcoming here is that there are no dastardly alien enemies, or opposing forces; this map does not support Bots, and if it did, I don't think the Nerf set-up would get them to play as one team with a set of specific objectives.  So, the best wat to play this is online in a team server, with one team defending the Technological HoneyComb of a mother ship, and the other team of brave freedom fighters on the attack.
          You start in the TechComb ship, so foggy with the alien atmosphere that you see only outlines unless you are right on top of the person or weapon.  Grab what you can, shoot who you dare, and leap out the bottom - but make sure you land in the lake, or you are dead!  Down on the chunk of Terra Firma that the aliens have abducted, you can stock up on ammo and weapons from a well appointed cabin, go to the power station and pick up an electro-shield, and go to the other building for a quick teleport to a helicopter hovering above the TechComb.  Shouting "Geronimo!", you then leap down to the alien ship's upper surface, and then hurry down into the interior, looking for the invaders.  While it is partially a ramp you go down into the ship, it does not seem possible to go up it again, unless a team-mate gives you a little "boost" with a TS rocket.
          So, plenty of scope for epic battles here, and some well-made and novel environments, "pushing the envelope" for Nerf.  Get ready for some all-out action - Earth must be defended from rapacious aliens, and we are just the people for the job!
          SLAM promises that at some point he will do a special "revised edition" of this, without all that pesky fog, with a larger pond to try to jump into, and probably with the down-below buildings closer together.  Those sound like useful improvements, but don't wait, check out this original version now.