RR: n/a, unfinished
Reaper started this map, but, sadly, has never finished it; he sent me this early "beta" because I had, when he was asking a group of us online for a map theme suggestion, suggested Stonehenge.  And that is what we see in this screenshot,  Reaper's rendition of the ancient stone circle.  The circular stargate is of course his addition - go through that and, in this first version, you end up in a large but relatively featureless chamber.  A second version does make something more complex of that second location...unfortunately, I seem to have lost the skins texture file that I need to start it up.  Not that that adds anything much to the actual arena, it was just that Reaper was using the map to test out some ideas about avatars, and the textures package somehow became part of the whole structure, as far as a computer is concerned! 
          There was some talk of Reaper finishing this map, which would be good; a number of his arenas have stood the test of time, and are still popular months after he effectively left the game - and what would be better at standing the test of time than Stonehenge...?