Static [fixything]
RR: 8.0

          A map by Dodo has to be good, correct?  He always approaches the idea of a Nerf ArenaBlast map from his own direction, which leads to swimming contests, snowball fights, and running about on top of 747s.  On the face of it, this is a more traditional NAB map - but with those little Dodoesque touches, such as the weapon and ammo power-ups being hidden in blocks you can run through, but not see into. Two of these hold rocket ammo, one holds a triple strike, and one a hypershot.  There is a doubler, on a rotating turntable inside the one small building, and on top of this building, reached by a series of ramps, is a "healpod" - exposed to enemy fire, but the only way to regain health here.  The way a healpod should be used!
          With the grey surfaces, and the stars wheeling by overhead, this is a stripped-down arena - a map pared back to the essentials.  I think it is going to play like a dream, especially for 2 to 4 players; an essential addition to your portfolio!
          Static [a] is a minor reworking of the map; it slows down the way the sky whirls by overhead, and adds the standard Nerf Jupiter (or is it Saturn?); it makes the blocks in which the weapons and ammunition were concealed transparent, which rather takes away the need for them; and it adds a rather clever effect, so that when you grab the doubler from the central room under the healpod, the light there goes out.  I don't know why the weapons are no longer concealed, but the other ammendments are certainly plus points - though not enough to increase the Reaper Rating, quite!  And the same can be said of Static [fixything] - minor changes and improvements, but still the same basic map, just as this is the same basic review!