Star Command                                                                                                    
RR: 8.5
You can rely on Skippy to make a different sort of map, and you can also rely on him to give a map two names - the one that you will see on server lists is Star Control!  This is really, at least in part, the first of Skippy's "custom maps" - you have the bright idea, and if it is bright enough, Skippy makes it into a map!  And if you want my neutral, balanced opinion, this is sheer genius. Oh, all right, it was based on a suggestion I made... but I do think it is rather good, and Skippy did an excellent job of turning a vague idea into a fully-functioning, very entertaining arena.  Well, almost two arenas really, two different spheres to do battle in,linked by a more normal little room with a hypershot and ammo.  Both "battle spheres" (to coin a phrase) are large, and zero-gravity, so players can move in any direction, though sometimes not the direction they expect.  Try to move towards the nerf cannon and you may end up heading for the whomper! 
          Of course there is a "Mighty Mo" nerf cannon here, and a ballzooka; the ammo bounces around in the zero-gee spheres endlessly, which gives your computer some extra work to do, but looks great!  The hypershot is useful for potting your adversaries, and generally trying to move around, or dodge, while shooting at your friends is more than usually tricky - and fun!
          So, a different arena, taking an idea from Rocket Arena 2 and making it bigger, better, and...a whole new ball game!  Try it, and I hope you like it.  Of course, since this map was released, there have been other attempts to master this idea, particularly Gladiator Dome and its sequel, where movement is a bit more predictable, but that just shows that Skippy (or Hobbes) was on to something good here...