RR: 7.5
Are some of the newer arenas getting a bit too complicated, with rust and gravel and Jupiter everywhere, or flashing neon textures?  Mr.BoBBo takes us back to a gentler time, with traditional nerfish textures and a simple arrangement of rooms that somehow is not quite as simple as it first seems!
          It seems a good place for a nice, friendly game of NAB, with a main room that is not too small and not too large, with rooms on either side linked by a corridor that goes up and over, complete with a stretch of glass floor.  There is even another "spare room", which just includes a large block with the credits for the map on the side, to encourage you to visit "NABdotWEB", Mr B's own website!  (Sadly, this website is not being updated now, due to technical problems...)
          So, nothing revolutionary, and certainly not the best map Mr.BoBBo has ever made.  It just shows a mapmaker who knows what he is doing, doing what he knows. least,I can't find it on a download site...