Stalwart XL Remix
RR: 8.0
Thunderbird poses for our camera in his new remix, which he has used Barracuda textures for.  This is an expanded version of the old Stalwart; just about the first remixing TB tried was of the old UT map, and he never released it, considering it a bit too ordinary.  But this is an "extra large" version of the UT map, with added rooms, and scope for cool stuff, and TB is rather more skilled at retexturing and generally remixing than he was then, so here we go!
          In UT this is a garage, and in fact in the background here you can see the sort of ramp that a car is driven onto so that it can be examined underneath, but Thunderbird has made a lot of changes, to present us with a more interesting place to explore, and fight, in.  Lucky was kind enough to help TB by adding texture to certain movers here - necessary, as otherwise a secret room would be a little bit easy to spot! 
          There are plenty of nice touches here.  The triple strike is hard to get too; actually, you need to blast a particular packing case so that the side drops down, which allows you to climb up onto its top - and from there it is a long jump across to where you need to be!  It can be done, with enough practice...or I find switching to "behindview 1" helps me to judge such leaps.  But stuff like this has to be the sign of an interesting map...