Stadium '01                                                                                                                          
RR: 8.5
Tracer has created a very unusual arena here, with a little help from some of our other mapmakers.  It is weird, but it is certainly a fun place to play!  The ground-level arena is quite good, with a couple of huts, some monoliths to dodge around, acid and lava pits, and little passages into the outside wall that really only serve as respawning points, but a nice sturdy stone ramp takes you up to two other levels, the top one being a matter of jumping from one floating island to another.  Some distances you can jump, others, well, look out below!  Get the nerfcannon and annoy everyone at ground level...
          But wait, there's more, as befits a map that comes up on server lists with quite a different name, like most of Skippy's.  Ancient Arena is the alias, and one of the cool things is that one of the spawning points is at the top of a long vertical tunnel above the arena.  It is a long drop, and, unless somebody else has respawned that way in the last 30 seconds, you grab just about every weapon, plus ammo, as you plummet.  You fall into a pool of water, luckily, fed by a waterfall.  Climb out with your favourite weapon chosen, and head for the hut with four megapowers in it, then prepare to go wild!
          There is a hidden room, too - should I reveal its location?  Anyway, stand by the correct (if damp) bit of wall and a doorway opens, go along the narrow corridor and - well, if someone isn't already in there armed to the teeth and ready to blast you, you find megapowers, shields, a doubler, a whomper, and even a handy 500-point target!  Some day, all hidden rooms will be made this way.
          This is the kind of arena you are happy to spend a long time playing in, because you can play it so many ways.  It is wacky, but it has all been carefully thought out, and we are all going to have a lot of fun here, right?