SplashDown [1] & [2]                                                               
RR: 6.0 & 7.5
Not as complex a map as Dodo's first, Snowed In, this map took Dodo around 90 minutes to build, and weighs in at a mere 71.6KB... 81.5KB for the second version.  In the familiar Nerf colours, this is a two-lane swimming pool, plus surrounding area with the small platforms that swimmers leap off. Two players race, and the first to reach the "F" end...gets killed, or at least if he leaps straight out has his health much depleted.  No extra weapons beyond the "secret shot" pistol, no health or other add-ons.  Quite a nice place to fool around, and if you ever wondered if Wes can swim as fast as Rabbit, this is the place to find out!  An original Nerf map - a very original one! 
The updated version adds "kicker platforms" to launch from, and a buzzer-button you can sound for yourself, so that a third player can start a race.  Great fun, in the right company!