SpaceNoxx Remix                                                                                 
RR: 7.5
Space: the final frontier?  Well, we are not too far away, as our blue and pleasant planet is floating serenely in the background.  One of the "son of Asteroid Bonus" arenas, this, with any ill-considered leap or projectile-inspired push liable to send you floating off to your doom, with the usual "took himself out" penalty points deducted.  While I generally dislike this sort of arrangement, I think this is the nicest of its type, with plenty of low-gravity leaping between the main torus and the upper level, or even the outer upper ring where the megapower lurks...or there is even an elevator (or lift) from the lower to upper levels, or a couple of bounce-pads.  The central hole in the main level is covered by a gauze-like film, but beware, it will not bear your weight - you will fall straight through, leaving that deducted points-lozenge behind!  A good level for jumping and shooting, and fine eye-candy as well, should give this a high rating on anyone's charts.