Solitary Duel
RR: 8.0
This is a promising new map from Elven Nerfer, designed for not too many players, really; in fact a "duel" would be about right.
  As I didn't adjust the number of bots I was running before trying out the map, things got a bit busy, but there seems plenty to do in the map on both sides of the narrow bridge over the roiling lava, including a lift up to a handy sniping position.  If I had to make constructive comments, I think I'd give a thumbs-down to havin a spawn-point in the middle of the bridge - too often one dies while taking avoiding action, which can easily continue when one respawns, which would lead to a hot and early death here!  The steep ramps up to the sniper towers might look better if steps were used instead, but that is just a design decision, I guess.  A skybox might have been nice, but the use of the black-sky-with-stars texture does actually work pretty well, better than the daytime equivalent. Anyway, a pretty enjoyable map for a second attempt - not counting the CTF conversions done a while back!
direct from Elven Nerfer!