Snowed In                                                                                                     
RR: 8.0
Dodo has created a small arena, for no more than two or three players; he advises you to set weapons on "stay".  When you download in the normal way, the chances are that you won't see the usual friendly Nerf "N" icon; if this is so, you need to right-click the first icon (not the readme), and choose "rename".  Then instead of PM-snowed_in_dodo, put it in as PM-snowed_in.nrf, and it should automatically become the "N" - so that you can do the normal "cut and paste" across into the map file. (Of course, in the months since that was written, perhaps somebody has sorted it out...)
           Anyway, it is a winter evening, and the snow has finally stopped.  Your back garden (back yard?)  is full of deep snow, drifted at strange angles.  Somebody has dug some out, putting a triple strike and ammo there; the light is on in the shed, revealing a whomper.  So put on your overcoat and a warm woolen muffler, grab your best waterproof boots, and go on out under the clear, starry sky, and, if a snowball fight isn't technically possible, then a triple strike versus a whomper will do nicely.  A small arena, certainly; quite a different type of place.  Nicely done, and worth that little extra effort on the downloading!