Skyscraper Arena ][                                                                                
RR: 8.0
This delivery from Missing (more recently Boomslang, also recently Tricky) is a whole load of fun.  It is an adaptation for Pointblast of the Skyscraper Arena's original "speedblast" level, with more weapons, and a strange place to begin from - see above for a view from where the players spawn, without a pistol and next to a cluster of points-lozenges high above the arena, almost among the spectators - 24 250-point lozenges to try to grab!  However, you soon find your way onto more familiar territory, only with the flags removed.  Though they must still be with us in spirit, as the announcer calls them out as you go along, as if they were there.  If you locate where flag one should be and follow the usual route, you get the usual 3000 points per flag, too!  Getting to the invisible Flag Seven does, I find, bring the game to an end.  Still, the new opening, the music, the cunning additions... it all makes this a great way to pass some time.  Presumably a simple adaptation, as these things go, but hey, sometimes the simple ideas are the best!
          And, isn't it cool to think that, presumably, when you play speedblast, this top part exists above you, even though it is never seen...?