Shocker (beta) & Final Shock                                                            
RR: 4.0
Now, I haven't read the no-doubt excellent Gen13 comic, but from the covers, our good friend
looks awfully cute.  So, why this terrible stinker of an arena?  Having the structures transparent is a nice idea, and the uneven grey ground with lots of weapons on is reasonable, while the presence of an empty "skin" that can give you 25 points (in the beta at least) when you "frag" is at least, um, okay.  But why are there so many places that have no features to them at all, just a bit of open ground, where suddenly you are dead?  You can't avoid them, and it makes any sort of play, well, a non-starter.  In a word, avoid!
          Maybe that is a bit harsh; sometimes a map can get a "bug" that brings the "sudden death" effect, rather than it being something the mapmaker intended - but the result is the same, a place where you really cannot play a decent game of Nerf ArenaBlast...  Apparently, the way to get rid of "sudden death" is to "rebuild" the map - something which has been done with a later arena which you will find listed as Final Shock (Final Version).