Asteroid Bonus II
RR: 7.5
And so, history is re-written by Icedude; ages ago he released a map using this name, and our review of it is below - and now, to mark the end of 2001 and the start of 2002, a completely different map has been released by him - still using the same name!  So, if you are a map-completist and still have the old version, rename it PMX2-AsteroidBeta, and then you'll be able to add this substantially better map to your folder.
  The orange/brown walkway with bouncers is reminiscent of the far side of the original Asteroid map.  Thanks to low gravity out there, you can jump straight up from there to the top of the sphere - to judge the scale of the thing, look for the blue megapower conveniently placed!  From there, you can jump down into the main circular arena, which is where my cursor is resting, in the screenshot.  See that orange part-circle just above the cursor?  That is a flaming sphere of death, which travels round and around a moat, so if you fall down into that, you'd better get yourself out quick - though if someone throws the big switch in the middle of the arena there, moving the access ways away, that may be slightly more difficult!  You can outrun the sphere - just!
  There are corridors into the main spherical asteroid, at about the level of the walkway; with the low gravity out there, you should, perhaps with the help of a bouncer, be able to get to little inverted-cone shape asteroids (see top left and right), which have useful weaponry on them - and the jump back is okay too.
   So, a great improvement on the previous arena, and, since it has echoes of both Asteroid and its original bonus map, a worthy user of its name.  If you enjoy both the originals, you ought to like this one too!
Asteroid Bonus II        (original version)                                                                               
RR: 6.0
The trouble with giving your original map a name like this, is that it gives you a lot you have to live up to, and I really don't think that Icedude's new arena here has got a lot in common with the other
maps, other than texture use.  Those two "old" maps are so clever that they come up fresh on one's hundredth visit, with secrets, ways to play, and a whole lot more. Of their kind, they are hard to beat.
          The best thing about this map is that it shows that, as a mapper, Icedude is learning how to do a lot of useful stuff.  There are plenty of clever elements here, I just don't feel that they hang together very well to provide a good gaming experience.  However, that doesn't mean that the next map from the 'Dude won't be specially cool!  All this may just be my view, of course, but I don't like an all-corridor map - I like some open playing areas too.