Rusty Inc Remix
RR: 8.0
A new remix from the ever-reliable B-Ball; it may look pretty much like one or two other recent maps from the same hand, such as Anachronism Remix, with the metal finish, the ramps and so on - but, strangely, no elevators, no sky, no running or standing water, and the whomper isn't baiting a trap!  None of those rather artistic screenshots on the walls, even.  What this map has going for it is size...
          And it is deceptively large, as maps go... You come to the end of the arena, turn a corner - and there is another arena's worth, on various levels, with ramps, and corridors, and turns!  B-Ball does display a couple of notices with his new website address, but while that is probably technically clever, it is less than exciting.   With all these acres of wall to texture, it is not surprising that there is no concentration of cool things; B-Ball is presumably following the original UT map, and that was probably the best way to go.
          Other maps may be prettier, but if you want to have space for a good number of players, and crave this general type of map, then head on over to this arena, and you will not be disappointed.