Rocket Run 2                                                                                                       
RR: 6.5
Similar thinking to the first Rocket Run, but this time set in deep space, so that one false step on the narrow metal walkways sends you spinning away to certain death.  So forget dodging and strafing, then.  There are two main levels, connnected by a central "swim-up" shaft; part of one level is broken at one edge, presumably from over-enthusiastic fighting or a meteor strike!  There is very little cover, but plenty of triple strikes and rocket ammunition, and the occasional hypershot.
          In short, the kind of arena where the player with 25 points at the end is probably the winner, given the amount of falling off that is liable to happen.  Except that SLAM had a bright idea, and put a strange sphere on the very top of the shaft, with the whomper and its ammo there.  Shoot up into that area, and you are in a very different kind of game, trying to move in three dimensions, grab the whomper, avoid your friends, get a boost from the top of the shaft...
          That top part just about redeems this map for me - I hardly hate it at all!  If SLAM does another arena in this Rocket Run series,I do hope it is down on good old solid ground, with maybe some water to swim in, and how about just the hypershot for a change, it ought to stop one low-ping or top-quality player from dominating things in quite the way that can happen with the first version.  SLAM is getting to be very good at making these things, so how about it?